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Who Am I?

Who am I? There are billions of "I"s here on this planet, and we respond, react, behave, express, communicate, and create according to Who we Are, don't we? Seems like Common Sense that if we really want to understand Humanity, we have to understand WHO we ARE. So what can we really look at within asking ourselves this question?

To me, this question is about deciding what my very core Identity is -- as a Human Being, in this Body, living this life in the time I have available to me. The interesting observation within this, when looking at how we would typically answer this question, is that most of the things we see as defining our Identity - our name, nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, education, relationships, career, hobbies, etc --- these are all temporary things only taking place within the context of the time between birth and death. And if we were to swap bodies and lives with another human being -- all of these things may change. So Who Am I - from the perspective of an Identity not based on something temporary? if I look at myself as a Being, here, present, in this existence, able to ask myself these questions, and consider that everything is literally made of the same stuff, and is interconnected - it makes sense that I come from the same source as everything in this existence, and that I am a part of this Existence. I don't remember being anyone else but 'this person' in 'this body' in 'this lifetime'--- yet I can see that I am part of this Existence, and that everything has the same Source. So, what is a principle that I can build my Identity upon that can stand Eternally? I would say that Principle, that Eternal Identity, would be Life - the very Principle of Life within all things. I may not know how I will experience myself after this life, or in a different body -- but I can see that the principle of Life carries over into any context, any form, any part of this existence. Seeing myself as Life First, compels me to recognize others as being Equal with me through that same Principle of Life, therefore compelling me to also recognize that it is Myself in this world that is experiencing both the best and the worst of what is here. Thus I am compelled to strive to create a world that Myself as Life could enter into and be supported to have the best experience possible. Therefore, I would say that firstly I Identity as LIFE -- and Trust myself as Life, that I will Find myself as Life, and Be, and Live, and Express myself wherever I end up in this Existence. As Life, I can now look at -- okay, what purpose do I want to give myself as this person, in this life? What qualities, values, and principles do I want to live?

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